Bali Butterfly Park

7 km from Tabanan on the way to Panebel, Lay the largest Butterfly Park of Asian. In this better place to relax with the whole family, you can find and see the most famous Bird wing Butterflies, Various kind endemic species from all over Indonesia. You can also learn about the effort to conserve them and before leaving stop offer to very special souvenir shop.

Garden of Butterflies in Bali is a tourism business is one of the popular attractions in Tabanan. Has been established since 1996 and is managed by the Sustainable PT. Kupu butterfly park. Located in Jln. Batukaru, Br.Sandan bees, Wanasari, Tabanan. Exactly 6 Km. to the north of the city center, garden open daily from 8:00 AM till 17:00 PM, and tickets last at 16.00 pm.

Location  with netting area (closed room Nets) 3700 M3. To release the butterflies is minimum 3500 individuals per month, and consists of the manifold butterfly from all over Indonesia. The butterfly garden is also producing various handicrafts made from a variety of insects such as: Butterfly Framing (Frame content butterfly), Framing Beetle (Frame content beetle),Key chains made from insects, insert bookmarks, paper weight (paperweight) made of fiber nodes containing a butterfly, painting of butterfly wings, etc..The Largest Butterfly Park in Indondesia. At this park you can find Hundreds of colorful beautiful Butterflies, this park give good enviroment for butterfly preservation and study.


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